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Have you ever wondered how your favorite musicians create such great music? The answer is as follows: They fully understand how musical emotions work and how to use them to evoke intense emotions in YOU when you listen to them. Understanding musical expression is the key to becoming a great guitarist and musician. When you control your emotions in music, you will gain power that will have a significant impact on the listener’s experience.

Most guitarists want to be able to express themselves better when playing guitar, but most guitarists have no idea how to practice this skill properly. This leads to wasting time practicing guitar playing in a way that doesn’t bring big results. The solution to this problem is a better understanding of how to develop creativity in music.

Many guitarists try to increase their musical creativity by searching for their favorite bands for cool riffs and ideas for guitar and playing them over and over again. This is certainly a pleasant activity to perform while playing the guitar, but in reality, it does not help to learn musical expression. If you spend a lot of time on it, you’ll run out of two of the most critical parts of your ability to create emotions in music: